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Preparing Individuals with the Skills Needed for Today’s Workforce Since 2001!

Success depends on the continued development of yourself and your employees! Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation (QVCDC) offers Computer Training Courses for new users, those wanting to brush-up on their skills, small businesses as well as larger corporations.

The QVCDC is helping fund your training needs through the Workforce Training Fund and our Technical Assistance (TA) program. See each program below to determine which is best for you, as an individual, or for your organization’s needs.

Workforce Training Fund Overview
The Workforce Training Fund is a state fund that provides resources to Massachusetts employers to train current and newly hired employees. It is financed entirely by Massachusetts employers, and was enacted into law in July 1998. There are several grants, listed below, you may apply for through Commonwealth Corporation to subsidize your employee training needs.

General Program Training  
Businesses can apply for a grant up to $250,000. Employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, training providers, and a consortia of such entities are encouraged to apply for funds to train current and newly hired workers. You may use a training provider of your choice. - More Information.

Express Program Training Grants: Provides employers fast, simple access to grant-funded training, helping businesses in Massachusetts respond to emerging needs. You must use an approved Training Provider. *QVCDC is an Approved Training Provider. - More Information.
*To apply for the Workforce Training Express or General Grants, please register your business through the  Commonwealth Corporation’s Workforce Training Fund Program.

QVCDC Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance (TA)
This is Financial Aid, offered to eligible individuals or small businesses in the Quaboag Region through the QVCDC, that may cover some or all of the expenses to complete training.

To find out if you are eligible for TA please fill out this Form and email it to us or mail it to QVCDC, Attn: Computer Training, 23 West Main Street, Ware, MA 01082

Courses We Offer:

Check out our entire Course Catalog for dates and times.

Course Catalog

Microsoft Office 2019 & 365
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced -  More Information
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced -  More Information
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced - More Information
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced - More Information
Outlook:  - More Information

Desktop or Online: Level 1
Desktop or Online: Level 2
Desktop or Online: Level 1 & 2 for Farmers
More Course Information

Google Work Space: -  More Information
Essential Computing Skills:
More Information

Business Communication Skills:More Information

*All classes are taught on the most current software. Alternate software years may be available upon request.

To see if you qualify for Financial Aid, please Contact Us before you register.

Having trouble organizing a time that’s best for everyone to leave the office to train?  We can help. For more information go to our  For more information go to our Training at Your Place of Business Page.

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